First Class Nurseries


2 - 3 Year Old Room Facilities and Activities

The nursery can cater for children from 2 to 3 year olds in our small room.

The playroom provides a safe and secure area to allow for the wide range of developing stages within this age group.

Staff provide activities linked to a theme throughout each morning and afternoon in accordance with the EYFS Framework, contributing to the progress of each child’s individual development.

They also have 'Colour Of The Month' activities individually planned for them by their key person.

An Expressive Arts & Design room is accessible through this room, for malleable and messy play to develop gross and fine motor skills and for snack and lunch time.

The outside area is accessible from the small room.

Staff in the small room are very nurturing - providing opportunities for the children to explore and to be inquisitive. 

Staff are also very happy to support parents and encourage toilet training, self feeding and independence during the child's time in this room.

Pre-School Room Facilities and Activities

Children enter the pre-school room the September before starting school. A large spacious playroom allows for a selection of activities, providing learning opportunities in all areas of development to be carried out at any one time.

The children in this room have access to a computer and interactive board, allowing for developing ICT skills. The room is equipped with low level units for children to initiate activities of their choosing.

Staff in this room provide adult led activities every morning and afternoon according to the EYFS Framework, to help children reach their full potential in readiness for school.

We have a separate Language & Literacy area off this room to allow for quiet reflection away from distractions and allow for rest should a child require.

From the pre-school room, children can independently enter the bathroom, fitted with child sized toilets and low level sink.

The Pre-school children will also follow our unique Pre-School programme from January through to August- looking at phonics, numbers, and our school readiness programme.

Our outside area is also accessible from the pre-school room.

Our Outside Area

The outdoor space is used enabling the children to work on a larger, more active scale than is possible indoors.

Play experiences are imaginative, motivating, enjoyable and challenging.

The outside area is an extension of the nursery rooms and so is included in planning for activities. The area is completely enclosed, with all-weather soft play surface.

We also have a large undercover play area to allow for all weather activities throughout the year.

Our Opening Hours

We are open from 8am till 5:30pm Monday to Friday.

We offer Full time and Part time sessions to suit your needs.

You can book Full Days or AM or PM sessions.

Full Day Sessions - 8am till 5:30pm & includes Breakfast, Mid Morning Snack, Freshly prepared 2 course Lunch & Afternoon Tea.

Pre-School Session - 8:30am till 4pm & includes Mid Morning Snack, Feshly Prepared 2 course lunch

AM sessions - 8:30am till 1pm & includes Mid Morning Snack & Freshly prepared 2 course lunch.

PM sessions - 1pm till 5:30pm & includes Afternoon Tea.

PM session - 1pm till 4:30pm

First Class Nurseries has the last August bank holiday Monday week and 1 week over the Christmas and New Year Period as compulsory closures.

Families are not charged for these periods.